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7UP TV offers you a simple referral opportunity that can provide you with immediate, daily and weekly “unlimited” earnings.

CUSTOMERS Refer and Earn

USA Media

$49.95 mo

Get the best USA streaming HDTV line up of channels including: Premium Channels, PPV, all your favorite Sports Channels and thousands of awesome movies for the whole family.

Global Media

$29.95 mo

The most attractive media entertainment with thousands of live HDTV channels in over 120 countries, all the best sports channels, news channels and Movies on Demand.

PROMOTERS Team Residual Bonuses

1 STAR Promoter


Most affordable way to start your 7UPTV business. 



Get $180 Activation Credits for

 $49.95 & $29.95 Packages

 Package worth $180

Free Trials Sending Module

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For serious business builders who

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from 1st day. 



Get $600 Activation Credits for

 $49.95 & $29.95 Packages

Package worth $600

Free Trials Sending Module

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Ideal package for building your

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global stage.


Get $1500 Activation Credits for

 $49.95 & $29.95 Packages

Package worth $1,500

Free Trials Sending Module

Important Note:  

* This “uni-level” bonus payout includes compression payout all the way down to infinity to maximize your earnings.  Therefore, any unpaid members in your organization will automatically compress down to the next paid level.  

** This monthly residual income plan is purely based on the collection of $29.77 monthly services from all customers.  

DISCLAIMER: This income example and potential income is purely for hypothetical income calculations based on the NuMedia “Promoter’s” STAR income monthly residual income plan commission payout and not as actual income earned by any member.  NuMedia does NOT state or make any guarantee or representation of actual income being earned with the NuMedia STAR income plan or actual earnings generated by any member.

5 Easy Steps To Reach Your Success


Simply Share 7UP TV 

We made it so easy to share 7UP TV with everyone.  We provide you with free referral site to offer FREE trial accounts so everyone can see how awesome our service is.


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There is NO cost to become a referral member to start earning.  The 7UP TV plan allows everyone the same opportunity to earn a few hundred dollars a week or thousands. 


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Duplicating your efforts by building your referral teams can reward you with huge financial returns. The 7UP TV referral plan is designed to pay you on everyone you refer and everyone they refer and so on.. down to 7 generational levels.   


We Provide You With Full Training And Support To Build A Successful Income

Your 7UP TV team of professionals have years of marketing and training experiance to help you acheive your financial goals. 
We provide you and your teams with frequent live training calls in many languages to support your growing global teams. 


Our Goal Is To Ensure Your Success

The goal of our entire global team is to help you acheive immediate and lasting success from your 7UP TV referral opportunity.

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